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Tim Morley, founder of Morley Yachts, started his yachting career on board the motor yacht LEANDER, where he worked as a crew between 1997 and 2000. At the time LEANDER was considered, without doubt, to be the best charter yacht in the world.

Coming ashore in 2000, Morley worked for two well established yacht brokerage firms before founding Morley Yachts in 2005. Our first office was next to the port of Antibes, the yachting capital of the world at that time.

The Morley Yachts team participated in events like the Cannes Yachting Festival, offering yachts for sale and for charter. We also built a reputation as experts in marinas, and marina developments.

From the beginnings of Morley Yachts in 2005, we brought people together on board yachts, recognising that the business was about relationship building and partnerships.

Morley Yachts is equally adept at charter and sales of both sailing yachts and motor yachts. Here are just a few examples of yachts we have arranged charters on (the tally is now well over 100 large yacht charters).

We travel great distances, at our own expense, to inspect yachts for our clients. On one occasion Morley even went as far as Bora Bora to inspect a yacht and then flew to Hawaii to present his findings to the client. We literally travel the world to find yachts and meet clients face to face, with frequent trips all over Europe, the US, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Morley Yachts has never been afraid to respond to opportunities as they arise and “think outside the box”. The most notable examples of this were the opening of an office in Tunisia in 2009 and the creation of Morley Group and Morley Asset Management for the purpose of marketing Marina Bizerte and management of a marina in Djerba. Morley Yachts had an office in Sidi Bou Said, in the picturesque village adjacent to Carthage.

Tim Morley’s wife, Nathalie, was one of the founders of Fashion TV. We arranged charters for them and managed their F DIAMOND party ship for charter. An original looking vessel that could host 1,000 people for a party and did just that. The ship cruised the Mediterranean and as far as Thailand and Hong Kong.

In 2011 Morley Yachts opened its new head office in Monaco. For three years we had a shop window on the prestigious boulevard Des Moulins in Monte-Carlo.

In 2013 Morley Yachts organised the largest and most notable auction of yachts ever held. No less than 36 yachts were in the catalogue, including the historic Steam Ship DELPHINE and the iconic 77m LONE RANGER (sold at the auction). Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr was the auctioneer and the event was televised and broadcast live, with it’s bidding floor in Antibes, and a phone link to private bidding room in Monaco. Organisation of such an auction had never been seen before and has never been seen since.

David Jakabovic joined the company in 2014 and has become an extremely effective broker. His approach has always been to understand the needs of his clients fully to enable him to provide the advice on which yachts to charter or buy. The success of this strategy is evident, as he has been one of the most successful young brokers in the yachting industry, building his reputation for professionalism, discretion and delivering amazing experiences to his clients.

Morley Yachts was equally determined to submit a bid when the town of Antibes launched an invitation to tender for the management of Port Vauban and its iconic IYCA or ‘Quai des Milliardaires’ and adjacent shipyard. This was a significant project and Morley is proud to have put together one of only five bids submitted to the Mayor of the town. Whilst the bid was not successful in winning the 25 year contract to manage the port, it was a very useful learning experience.

In 2014 Morley started to learn about yacht new construction, with a large ‘fully custom’ yacht construction project of over 100m in length. Putting together the right team, and developing the project was a great challenge, and we enjoyed working with the client to put together a ‘bid package’ to take to multiple shipyards, to carefully identify the best solution. We took no commission on such a deal, and we charged a fair monthly fee.

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