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When deciding to build a yacht, buy an existing yacht or embark on a yacht refit, there is a huge amount to know about superyacht shipyards. That’s where Morley Yachts can help, using almost two decades of yacht brokerage experience to guide you towards the right shipyard for your yachting project.
From the very first purchase decisions – do you want a custom yacht, semi-custom, or series yacht – to choosing the best shipyard to refit your existing vessel on budget and on schedule, Morley Yachts can advise you every step of the way. From the Dutch and German heavyweights like Feadship and Lürssen through to premier British, Italian and Monaco yacht builders, Morley Yachts can run through a cost-benefit analysis of each shipyard with you, and offer you its VIP shipyard connections to help you make the right decision based on your needs.
From fully custom, ultra-engineered superyachts emerging from Holland to lower-cost series yachts from Italy and beyond, we will go through the details of each shipyard with you at length. The right shipyard for you is not necessarily the right shipyard for the next person, depending on your price point, design preferences and planned usage of the yacht.
We also advise our yacht buyers on expected resale and charter values of different yacht builds over time, while offering strategic market advice on popular yacht models. Because we know that the names of certain yacht designers and naval architects can add a significant premium to your yacht value and charter returns, we also discuss notable designer collaborations with shipyards.
From experience, we know that when you choose the right yacht build, your asset will hold its value well and you’ll enjoy a top quality yachting experience, while going for a lower-quality build or refit facility, you may pay ‘down the line’ due to poor quality materials, faulty engineering, or budget overruns. Of course, when buying, it’s important to consider the refit implications so that your yacht is looked after through its lifetime, preferably by the people who built it. We, therefore, discuss the practicalities of refits and shipyard locations around the world for warranty work and maintenance. The relationship you have as an owner with the shipyard team is also extremely important, so we make the right introductions so you can gauge if the rapport is there for a great collaboration.
When you’re well-informed, you’ll be confident in your choice of shipyard. At Morley Yachts we believe it’s our job to get you to this point of certainty by sharing our extensive industry expertise. When it comes to yacht buying and maintenance, knowledge is power.

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