Private yacht charter in the mediterranean


Why Charter with Morley Yachts?

The relationship between broker and client is very personal. It’s hard to put into words, but clients appreciate it. We develop long-term bonds with clients as we guide them through the process of planning a private yacht charter, year after year. Over time, we might then help that same client buy and sell luxury yachts. The same broker will be with a client throughout the adventure.

We care a lot. Our commitment, hard work and availability 24/7 go beyond what is normally expected and clients realise this. When people get to know us, they see that we are honest, confident without being arrogant and extremely pleasant to deal with. Trust is imperative and built over time.


A Morley Yachts broker will give you unparalleled support to plan your charter in detail going beyond what is normally expected of a broker.



Morley Yachts is not overloaded with Central Agency yachts, so we can be very proactive with the projects we take on for clients who want to charter, buy or sell a yacht. The same can be said for our clients who are looking to buy or sell a marina berth space.

We focus on geographic regions for client relationship building. We understand that a shared language and a shared culture help to make the broker-client bond stronger.

Morley Yachts is a very small organisation, with a large expertise in yacht charter in the Mediterranean. Our size appeals to many people. We have clear ownership of the business, with no investors and no debt.  The company has existed since 2005 and we are not looking to take over the world by taking risks.  We can give total confidence to clients wishing to have us act as Stakeholder.


Morley Yachts can help you optimise your charter itinerary ideas and suggest some exciting new destination to explore.

Tim Morley
Tim Morley : +33 6 80 86 30 91
David Jakabovic
David Jakabovic : +33 6 40 61 85 38
Lisa Airasca
Lisa Airasca : +33 6 40 62 67 97