Yacht Brokerage

Choosing the right yacht brokerage to sell your yacht is a big decision. Your choice of broker can impact the price you get, dramatically affect the experience of VIP clients viewing your yacht, and determine how well negotiations, contracts and surveys proceed.
For both seller and buyer, the yacht brokerage you choose to sell your yacht determines the quality of the experience. Selling your yacht can be either a stressful, logistically fraught experience, or it can be easy – and even a little bit fun. Everything depends on the broker you choose to represent your yacht. From over two decades of yachting industry experience, Monaco-based Morley Yachts knows that three things sell yachts, time and time again.


Five-star service, quality relationships, and industry knowledge. That’s what sells yachts. Quickly, efficiently, and with all parties walking away satisfied.



Five-Star Service

When you choose Morley Yachts to sell your yacht, you know you’ll be treated as number one. Where the huge brokerage houses have hundreds of yachts to sell at any time, we pride ourselves on heavily focussing our attention on promoting your yacht. We’re always only a phone call away if you need advice, and are always ready to meet for a discussion about what we might tweak to ensure your yacht sells for the price you want.


Quality Relationships

And because we have the time to get to know our clients and their yachts in detail, we foster long-standing relationships that last a yachting lifetime. This means that our client database is full of high-quality connections, so when you want to sell your yacht, we can immediately think of potential VIP customers, because we know them personally and know they’ll like your yacht. We’ll also advertise your yacht both locally and internationally to ensure you command the highest price possible.


Industry Knowledge

At Morley Yachts, we also share our industry expertise to help sell your yacht. Our brokerage division spans sales, charter, and berth sales, so we’re perfectly poised to advise you on what you might do to improve the yacht for sale, discuss expected sale prices on the current market, or chat with potential buyers about the incredible charter possibilities of your yacht.


Innovative Ways of Selling

Additionally, as the yachting industry expands and new markets are tapped, Morley Yachts is at the forefront of finding innovative ways of selling, including running yacht auctions at yacht shows. Traditional brokerages do things in traditional ways; Morley Yachts is leading the charge to find new ways to sell your yacht.


It’s a Matter of Trust

What you need is personalised, one-on-one service from a broker who won’t give up until you sell your yacht. Someone you can trust to hold the course if there are problems with the contract or survey. Someone you can trust to get the sale done. And someone that the yacht buyer trusts too, so everyone feels the sale was conducted with integrity.



A boutique, highly personalised yacht brokerage agency like Morley Yachts can offer this level of service and much more, making selling your yacht smooth sailing.

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