pianemo raja ampat papua indonesia

Raja Ampat & Papua

The Raja Ampat region in West Papua Indonesia is a pristine wilderness of 1500 jungle-covered islands and limestone karsts rising out of a translucent blue-green sea. These tropical islands are edged by dazzling white sands and turquoise lagoons, and waterfall pools lie deep in the rainforest. Under the surface, things are just as spectacular. Located at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Raja Ampat’s vast coral reefs host the world’s largest gathering of marine life, making it one of the world’s ultimate diving destinations for yacht charters. Dive with manta rays and whale sharks, see turtles floating by the yacht, and sink below the surface in a whirling maelstrom of schooling fish. Here’s an example of an 8-day charter itinerary for an Indian Ocean yacht charter in Raja Ampat.