courageous- us 26 Yacht for Sale
courageous- us 26 Yacht
courageous- us 26 Superyacht
courageous- us 26 Sailboat yacht
courageous- us 26 Superyacht for sale

COURAGEOUS- US 26 Yacht for Sale

LENGTH: 20.02M
BUILDER: International


Perhaps the most famous and revered 12-Metre of the modern era, Courageous won the America’s Cup twice, in 1974 and 1977 and is one of only three boats with that distinction in the 169 history of the competition. An icon of American sailing, she is notable also as the first 12 Metre of aluminum construction.

Launched in 1974Courageouswas designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built at Minneford Yacht Yard. Sparkman & Stephens legacy remains sterling to this day; to wit, a high-end broker recently concluded a listing summary, “She is a Sparkman & Stephens design. What more needs to be said?”

Many stories have been written and told of those Cup wins, particularly the close relationship enjoyed by Ted Turner and Gary Jobson leading to their victories. Derring-do on the water, serious debriefing, a sharp focus on sail shape and above all a ‘team-effort’ remains theCourageousLegacy – along with those two Auld Mugs, of course

In 1997 she was donated to the Museum of Yachting in Newport which was later incorporated into the International Yacht Restoration School, her current owner. In honor of her sailing provenance, she was designated Rhode Island’s State yacht at the time of donation. Thoughtfully restored to her magnificent originality,Courageoushas been under a syndicated ownership and raced competitively since.

In her 1977 configuration,Courageouswas known as an ‘easy’ boat to sail and considered ‘slippery’ off the wind. Although credit was given to the spinnakers designed by Robbie Doyle who has been heading up the sail design program since 1974, he demurs: “she has always been fast downwind”.

While maintaining that advantage other design changes compromised her performance on the wind and while well sailed, she was no longer at the ‘pointy end’ of the fleet. An earlier keel modification changed her balance. Fortunately, the development of Computational Fluid Dynamics providing empirical analysis came to the rescue.

In preparation for the 2019 Twelve Metre World Championships the hull was laser-scanned and digitized for the purposes of design optimization. An extensive CFD study conducted by Tyler Doyle resulted in a new rudder design by Tyler, Robbie Doyle and Jim Taylor Design (initially involved with her in 1977). Continuing extensive studies resulted in a new trim tab being designed and engineered by the same triumvirate. The end result eliminated her recent temperamental tendencies andCourageousis far better balanced and once again “easy to sail”

A mechanical issue prevented full utilization of the trim-tab during the World Championships, where she placed 3rd in the standings. Finally, the design changes were proven at the North American Championships where she won five out of six races. A fitting finale` for her long-time crew and syndicated stewardship.

Courageousis in the finest and fastest condition of her life. With her modern mast, upgrades in 2019 of her sail-wardrobe, Harken winch package and running rigging upgrades ‘the list’ is confined to a ‘scratch and spray’ of the top-sides, preparation and fresh paint on deck. The International Yacht Restoration School in Newport RI has her housed in a clean, expansive boat shed in Portsmouth, RI. She is ready for commissioning.

LENGTH20.02M (65' 8")
BEAM3.66M (12' 0")
DRAFT2.64M (8' 8")
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